Sep 08 2011

Does Your Child Have A Kindle?

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Nine months ago I got my first really smart phone.  Six months ago I read my first book on that phone with the Kindle application for Android from Amazon.  Since then, I’ve read 18 books–on my phone.  This sounds awful to most people, and probably to you too.  But you should see the pages glide by, see how easy it is to highlight, add notes, follow links, and look up words.

Before Kindle (BK), my reading life consisted of re-reading the same paragraphs of the same book on my bedside table before falling sleep. However, my phone is (usually) wherever I am. I read anytime, anywhere.  On SV road alone, I get in about an hour of reading a week.  Of course, there are another 20 books that I’ve purchased but not read yet. Digital titles are cheaper than their paper editions.  There is no charge for shipping, and it takes about two minutes to download a new book. Today, one of our 2nd graders came in with his mom and asked if he could bring his Kindle to school. The new Magic Tree House is just out. I should have seen this day coming. “What if the Kindle broke?” That would be an expensive loss.  Then I thought, “All the laptops have Kindle reader software. What if the student used that? There are the two Samsung tablet computers in our class.  We could use those.  How would we manage accounts?  What if everyone started bringing them in?”There are currently 2,511 book titles for children aged  4-8 available on Kindle. For children aged 9-12, there are currently 4,377 books available in Kindle format.

What would you say if you were the teacher?  By the way, does your child have a Kindle?

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